A Zelda DS mod AND a good cause? Sign me up!

I’m a sucker for a good mod, but this is my favorite cosmetic mod I’ve seen for DS, hands down. This Australia-based eBay seller took a plain DS lite and customized it with a remarkable paint job, added a beautiful detail of Link’s shield to the cover, and added some LEDs beneath to add a glow. Not only is it tasteful and well done, here’s the kicker — 15% of the final bid price will be donated to Child’s Play, Penny Arcade’s charity.

The starting bid is 200 Australian dollars, which is roughly $180 dollars in American greenbacks. If I had it to spare at the moment I’d bid right away, but as usual I’ve spent it all on trying to impress Jim Sterling with antique monocles so your chance to snag this one of a kind is wide open. As cool as I thought my Taiko Drum Master DS skin was, this makes it look pretty lame in comparison.

Colette Bennett