A wild Tingle teaser ad appears!

You might wonder why we’re giving so much coverage to the recently teased Tingle game, but the answer is fairly simple. It’s because Tingle is even creepier than Noby Noby Boy and we’re afraid that if we don’t give him attention, he’ll consume all of humanity’s children yet unborn to this world.

Also, talking about Tingle is really fun, as is this new ad featured in the latest Famitsu. The translation of the ad is simple “Ah,” and as you can see, it features our green-clad pervert floating away with a suitcase. We’re failry confident that the case contains nothing but bloodstained lingerie and a photograph of Maddie McCann, but we can’t be too certain. 

The Japanese teaser site is expected to update very soon as well, and we’re sure to cover it because, like I said, we’re terrified of displeasing the horrid little midget. Oh, and the term “Tingle Teaser” makes me laugh a little bit.

Jim Sterling