A wild PlayStation Card appears! What will you do, buy or run?

Less than two full days have passed since Sony announced via the PlayStation.Blog that PlayStation Cards were being sent to stores “as we speak,” and already, they’ve been spotted in the wild. A PS3 Fanboy reader snapped a photo of a rack in a Georgia gas station, of all places, that was selling a number of preloaded cards of the $50 variety.

The original PlayStation.Blog post also mentioned a general “spring” launch date for the prepaid cards. Since we gamers are unfortunately all too familiar with vague “sometime in the _____ season” release dates, it’s great to see that Sony has actually begun to get the cards to retailers. And you don’t even have to drive all the way out to Best Buy! Just pick up a card while you’re filling up your tank — sadly, it’ll probably cost less than the gas.

[Via PS3 Fanboy — thanks, Justin!]

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