A Wii complaint log

Like it or not, the Wii has problems. Whether you want to admit it or continue to live in a state of denial, it does and we should, as gamers, demand these sorts of issues be addressed and discussed. Thankfully, 1UP has put together a nice little rundown of just some of these issues. Agree, disagree, got anything to add?

  • VC Games Tied to Individual Wiis: Want to play a little Bomberman at your friend’s house? He’s going to have to buy it, or you’re going to have to lug your Wii over.
  • Getting Online: If you won’t join the wireless age then Nintendo just doesn’t want you playing their online games. You know, if they had any.
  • Being Online: Where the PS3 has a lousy, all-over-the-place online scheme with a handful of games trying to make it work, Nintendo seems to have a potentially great online setup with absolutely no games whatsoever taking advantage of it.
  • 20 Hour Battery Life:it’s the only one this generation that you can’t just plug in to a USB port to recharge. You’re either going to have to buy a battery charger, or stockpile an assload of AAs.
  • Classic Controller:you have to plug the bastard into your Wiimote, further contributing to the flood of AAs going to battery heaven.
  • No Pack-in Component Cables: At this point we’re still just relieved that Wii even supports it, but it’s yet another expense on top of an already big pile of stuff.
  • Not Region Free: Once upon a time this might have been a lot to ask, but after the DS, PSP, PS3 and to some extent the 360 all let us play imports it’s something we’ve come to expect.
  • Weak Wrist Strap:you’d think they’d have made one that wouldn’t break if you stare at it too hard.
  • Short Sensor Bar Cord: It’s just a shame that there isn’t a longer cord, a wireless option, or hell, if the thing isn’t actually communicating with the Wii why can’t we just plug it into the wall?
  • Mii Shortcomings: They don’t have ears! How the hell are we supposed to make unflattering caricatures of the president?
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