A whole bunch of third-party Nintendo Switch accessories have leaked

Ooh, there’s an arcade stick

Nintendo’s big presentation about the Switch is Thursday night, but first, more leaks!

Images of unannounced Hori accessories for the console have started surfacing online, some of which are utilitarian and expected (carrying cases, a charging station, stands) and some of which are exciting (an arcade stick, a Zelda skin that seems to suggest a March 2017 release for Breath of the Wild).

Most of the photos are of printed product sheets, but a handful of the shots are high-res and in color.

It feels like only yesterday I was dismayed by Nintendo’s plan to hold off talking more about the Switch until 2017, but now that the event is nearly here, I’m wondering how time flew by so fast.

DroidXAce [Twitter via NeoGAF]

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