A Weighted Companion Cube of your very own: “in time for Christmas”

If you’ve played Portal, the Weighted Companion Cube is a memory that will make you flinch, weep, giggle, or a combination of all three.  Possibly while becoming aroused.  THAT scene in the game, and you know which one I’m talking about (if you know what I’m talking about), ranks as one of the most memorable in my gaming career.  And, in an odd, semi-hysterical way, one of the most moving. 

So what did I do, just after I finished the game?  I went and got a big piece of chocolate cake, of course.  But what did I do AFTER my eighth piece of cake?  I googled “weighted companion cube toy”.  I followed some links, and ended up with this:

From: Gabe Newell
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2007 1:08 PM
To: ‘Oz Mills’
Cc: Portal; Jason Holtman
Subject: RE: Portal – Feedback

Thanks, Oz, for the thoughtful and detailed feedback. I also would like a companion cube toy on the Valve store (hint hint Jason).



RE: Portal – Feedback
From: Jason Holtman

They’ve been in production for two months; they’ll be here in time for holidays. Thanks for feedback, Oz.

My adorable droogies, another internet mystery explained: this is how fetish mashups start.  Once those Cubes start to ship, I can guarantee photos of a plushiefeeder orgy at Dtoid HQ. 

Cuddle Your Cube [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

Eliza Gauger