A week of Dead Space: The REAL signs from the Ishimura

You may remember yesterday that I posted up some advertisements and warning signs from the Ishimura, a planet cracking starship that you’ll be exploring in Dead Space. As it turns out, it was all really in your head. Yesterday’s post never happened. It was all a bad dream.

Actually, those pictures were just mostly concepts and weren’t meant for the public eye. At first, I was upset that EA would trick me like this, but then I realized it was probably some stupid interns fault … So to replace yesterday’s goof, EA sent along these new and totally awesome signs that you’ll come across while exploring the Ishimura.  

I’d first like to bring to your attention this movie poster: Shaolin Vs Space Ninja: Zero-G Insanity. Um, I can’t be the only one that actually wants to see a movie like this now, right? Anyway, check out the gallery for a mix of adverts ranging from awesome to weird. And remember kids, tomorrow is a good idea.

Hamza Aziz