A week of Dead Space: Signs from the Ishimura

A week of Dead Space continues! Yesterday, you got a chance to see the first four issues of the six part comic book series that shows some key events prior to the game’s start.

Today, it’s time to see some of the warning signs and advertisements you’ll come across as you’re killing hordes of alien forces. Hey, the game is scary as f*ck so having some pleasant distractions here and there doesn’t hurt. 

The first part of the gallery below has some of the warning signs you’ll see while exploring the Ishimura. It’s a big ship with lots of dangers around ever corner and of course there will be safety signs all over the place. I really like the warning sign with the cut off fingers. Really drives home the point, I’d say. 

The second part of the gallery contains some of the advertisements you’ll come across promoting some products and teamwork. These people are millions of miles away from their homes as they’re exploring the universe trying to expand human civilization. People can forget what they’re doing when they’re so far away from home and seeing ads promoting teamwork can remind people why they’re there in the first place.

My only question now is what the hell is Peng and why do I want it so bad?

[Update: Turns out most of the photos weren’t approved for the Internets. A new batch was sent and they’re all located in a new post.]

Hamza Aziz