A vampire will cry if you don’t watch this Demigod video

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As is the case for Nick Chester, Demigod just barely piques enough of my interests as a gamer to make me want to drop hundreds on a new desktop dedicated exclusively to gaming.

I don’t need any convincing, but I’m sure not everyone is on the same page. As such, we have a brand new walkthrough video for you, which is lovingly narrated by Demigod‘s executive producer, Brad Wardell.

This demonstration focuses mostly on the Vampire Lord — one of the eight different Demigods players can choose from at launch — and its various abilities. Transforming yourself into a swarm of bats? Bad. Ass.

With Demigod not releasing until April 14 (aka the day after my birthday. Coincidence? Probably!), we’re bound to see more of these videos. Perhaps it’s because the Vampire Lord is still fresh on my mind, but I’m leaning towards it as being my personal favorite Demigod thus far.

Apologies on the video quality — it was perfectly crisp when I uploaded it, but once Viddler had its way with the thing, everything suddenly took a sharp turn for the fugly.

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