A Tomopop custom exclusive: Final Fantasy VI’s Kefka

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If you are more of a toy collector than a gamer, this custom may not mean as much to you as those of us who spent our childhood years lost in the world of Final Fantasy. However, if you did gladly lose many hours to the grandiose saga that was Final Fantasy VI, you may be screaming and shaking your monitor with glee right now, and I can’t say I blame you.

This homemade incarnation of the infamous villain Kefka from Final Fantasy VI is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because it was made by one of Tomopop’s own — editor Rio McCarthy! Rio commented on the painstaking process of recreating the unforgettable misanthrope:

This is the longest time I’ve ever spent on a custom, as many, many hours went into this one. Also, Kefka is a major diva. I had to go through several bumps in the road with Sculpey breaking and cracking, as well as numerous other bizarre issues. Both of the feathers in his hair are painted as well with a fade from white to blue. This version of Kefka’s color scheme is based off the Yoshitaka Amano character artwork. His cape is hand sewn and is made of silk. I also added fringe to the bottom of the cape.

My envy that this toy exists (and doesn’t belong to me!) is indescribable. Rio, we take our hats off to you — today your creation will thrill many a gamer, collector, or perhaps even both, as it perfectly invokes those precious memories some of us carry in our hearts of the games that accompanied our formative years.

Want your own monument to non-existence? Feel free to email Ms. McCarthy and beg. If you’re lucky, she might make you one … for the right price.

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