A team of modders ambitiously put all of Vice City into Grand Theft Auto V

No story missions, just free roam

Vice City is one of my favorite open world locales, so I’ll take any chance to go visit it again.

Over on 5Mods, user lunchxbles (and their mod team) just recently launched version 1.0 of their passion project Vice Cry: Remastered. In short, it’s a “full port of Vice City” running in Grand Theft Auto V‘s engine, with some extras in tow. Note that the “port of Vice City” literally means the city itself: not the full game with story missions. Only the actual location has been remastered. The mod boasts 3D neon models, its own car generator, brand new models, bump mapped roads and other refinements to ensure that the mod is running smoothly.

In truth, if you’re the type of person who only chooses one “main game” to get into, GTA V is probably one of the best options you could have picked. The offline portion was large enough to last you through the launch of GTA Online, and since then mods have been picking up any lull period slack. There’s a reason I keep jumping back in nearly seven years later.

Vice Cry:Remastered 1.0 Official Release [5Mods]

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