A Switch RPG is on the way that requires pen and paper to play

Rock on

This is what I like to see! Developers doing really interesting things with the Switch, just like several studios did with the Wii U (Rest in Peace).

Evidently the Japanese developer Gift Ten Industry is creating a project that’s codenamed Madolica, and will arrive in Japan for 1,500 yen in an eShop-only format on Switch. The gist? You’ll need to escape an evil mansion in-game, with the help of real life-printed maps from the game’s official site. It supports up to four players, and naturally, you can take it to a game night along with the maps on the go, as it’s built to focus on portable play.

As someone who has regular tabletop nights, I’d immediately give this a shot, especially for roughly $15. There’s no word on a localization yet, but it might be possible to “import” it on the eShop and play it worldwide if it doesn’t require too much knowledge of Japanese.

Pen And Paper Game Announced For Switch [Japanese Nintendo]

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