A story trailer in case you forgot what Twilight Princess is about

Howl lovely

Twilight Princess is the Zelda game with the wolf and the orcs and the shadow monsters. There’s a good chance you already knew that because Twilight Princess is nearly ten years old and was widely beloved. A lot of people have played this game.

If that has all slipped your mind (or if it’s new to you!), Nintendo has put out a story trailer for the impending early March release of Twilight Princess HD — a remake for the Wii U. It’s the same game you probably already know and possibly hold dear, just purportedly better.

Regardless of where you fall, this overview is a nice little catcher-upper, two and a half minutes of what’s to come. Also, there’s a shot of Link standing idly in a stream, boots soaking wet. That seems like a good way to get the trench foot, and gangrene ain’t the color of the Hero of Time’s tunic.

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