A Smurfs game is in the works: I hope it has a Springtime Special mission

‘A brand-new story’

As old cartoons that aren’t named Scooby-Doo continue to fade into obscurity, the powers that be try to resurrect them every so often in a new way. Live-action films. A revival series that usually doesn’t last one season. You get the picture.

But this bit of news is something strange altogether: The Smurfs are back…in game form!

Announced by way of their official blog, French publisher Microids (who handles ports like XIII and Munch’s Odyssey, among other games) is tackling a Smurfs game. They will be working with IMPS on a “new 3D action-adventure” game taking place in the Smurfs universe. Allegedly it will be a “brand new-story” to be played “alone or with friends.” So a multiplayer-enabled action adventure?

Yeah I’m intrigued. Although many games like this end up as shovelware, some diamonds in the rough slip through the cracks. You ever played G-Force? Yeah, it’s not half bad. Also if we get plenty of show references through thoughtful little sidequests, even all the Gen X·ers who grew up watching re-runs of this show will be happy.

I hope that Microids tackles David the Gnome next. After you finish up the campaign and collect all of the red hats across the giant open world map, you die: your save file is erased, and a fox cries while your screen fades to black.

Microids and IMPS to conclude a publishing agreement [Microids]

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