A rundown of some new Halo: Reach multiplayer modes

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Where’s our resident Halo guy, Hamza, at? He’s not here, that’s for sure. I kindly ask that you keep the mob forming and torch bearing to a minimum as I attempt to talk about Halo: Reach. Bungie gave 1UP the exclusive on a few of the multiplayer modes set to appear in the upcoming beta (starts May 3).

  • Headhunter: Collect and dispense skulls for points, but be careful: death results in a dropped skull
  • Stockpile: “Territories meets with Capture the Flag”
  • Generator Defense: Three vs. three. Attack or defend generators, depending on your team
  • Invasion: “It’s a vehicle-full frenzy!”

There — that wasn’t so terrible, was it? Obviously you’ll want to follow the link to 1UP for a much more in-depth discussion of the aforementioned modes. There’s even some words from multiplayer designers Lars Bakken and Derek Carroll, if it’s developer quotes you’re wanting.

Halo Reach Preview [1UP]

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