A recap of May’s Monthly Musings

Before I start promoting blogs for this month’s Monthly Musing topic, I wanted to recap the blogs that were promoted last month for the “If you love it, change it” topic. I pretty much forgot to do a recap post for the previous Monthly Musings, but thanks to a gentle nudge by Niero (he beat me with a gym sock filled with door knobs), here’s all of May’s promoted blogs:

Not as many stories were promoted in May as were in previous months. It was a tough topic, though; as we wanted you to tell us how you would change a series you loved. How do you convince people that there are ways of improving a game or a franchise that you think is perfect? Many tried, and only a few were selected.

As usual, we’re looking for well thought out pieces that get the community involved and talking. Don’t be afraid to create something entertaining or funny either. BigPopaGamer had an absolutely hilarious “If you love it, change it” and MaxVest had a very funny one too (he missed the deadline). 

Now then, time to start going through the twenty or so “The start of the affairs” topics that went up in just the last couple of days.  

Hamza Aziz