A recap of June’s Monthly Musings

Last month, there were a ton of blogs written for June’s Monthly Musings, “The start of the affair”. Twenty-seven “The start of the affair” blogs were promoted in all to the front page, setting a new record for how many blogs were promoted to the front of Destructoid. 

Reverend Anthony has laid down July’s Monthly Musing theme and I expect even more blogs to be written for the new theme, “A cast of thousands…of polygons“. Here’s a protip: Don’t wait until the last minute to put up your Monthly Musing blog. At most, I will promote three blogs in a single day — so if there are, like, 20 promotable blogs that go up on July 31, only three will go up. Got it?

Hit the jump to see all 27 Community Blogs that were promoted for June’s Monthly Musing.

Many of these people are veterns of the front page. Ashley Davis, Count Grishnack, Cowzilla3, Conrad Zimmerman, and a few others have made it to the front page before for their always excellent write-ups.

Most of the people here had their front page cherries popped, though, and it’s always great seeing fresh faces grace the front. If you wrote something last month and wondered why you weren’t promoted, give these “The Start of the Affair” blogs a read-through and look at what they got right. Try to pick up on what they did and apply it to your stuff. 

Hamza Aziz