A quick taste of Destiny’s Age of Triumph update, the last one before Destiny 2

A greatest hits collection

The sequel to Destiny, or “Destiny’s Child” as it’s affectionately called in Destructoid’s staff chat, is coming later this year. That doesn’t mean the original game has faded into obscurity. There’s one last event planned that will pay homage to everything that has happened in-game over the past three years.

On March 28, the Age of Triumph event will start and it’ll revitalize every raid that Destiny has ever featured. Moreover, Bungie’s tweaking them all to compensate for the current 400 Light cap. The schedule is: Crota’s End in week one, Vault of Glass in week two, King’s Fall in week three, and Wrath of the Machine in week four.

Leading up to Age of Triumph, Bungie’s holding regular livestream events to slowly reveal more details. The next one will take place on Wednesday March 15 at 10am Pacific. This trailer serves as a teaser for that broadcast. 

It’s savvy to send Destiny off into the sunset with a greatest hits collection. The core group who still plays Destiny seems to be made up mostly of people who put MMO-like hours into it, the ones whose playtime has a comma in it. Without any new content planned, the best Bungie could do is to let them relive the raids from their past. Then, it’ll feel as though things have come full circle and they’ll be ready to leave this behind and dive deep into the sequel.

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