A Quarter Draws Near! The RPG piggy bank

This story provided the major laughs I was desperately in need of today, and I have to admit I’m most grateful. Bankquest is a piggy bank from Tomy that actually has a little RPG game built into the front. Each time you insert a coin, it translates it into “gold” so you can buy weapons, armor and items for your little adventurer.

Not only is this hilarious, but it beats the hell out of the bowl I keep on my kitchen counter for change, not to mention I think my friends would get a tremendous kick out of it. It’s Japan only, of course, like all truly cool things, but if you live there you can score one come August 7th (or if you don’t live there, you can start frantically searching the internet for some way to import one). I have a feeling J-List may come in handy to acquire one, should you be so inclined.

[Via Akihabara News — Thanks, Greg!]

Colette Bennett