A PS3 version of Rez HD could be a thing that happens

Q Entertainment is gauging fan interest in a PS3 version Rez HD. “What would a game like Rez HD sell for on PSN?” the studio asked via its Twitter account. “$15?”

“This is no indication that it’s happening, but we’re researching if it’s feasible,” the tweet continued, making sure the media and others didn’t take the question as a confirmation of Q Entertainment’s plans.

In a conversation with 1UP, Q Entertainment’s James Mielke said the studio would only do the project if there’s enough demand — and not just the financial kind.

“We’re doing our best to gauge fan interest via things like our Twitter account, online polls, news stories, etc,” he told 1UP. “This is literally a situation where the game will only happen if there’s enough demand, and by ‘enough’ I mean we’d have to do more than just break even on recouping development costs.”

Right. So Rez HD on PSN for a five-dollar bump? I’d probably would do it, but that’s because I live in a cave and have never played Rez HD for more than six minutes. What say you?

Q Entertainment Discusses Possible PS3 Port of Rez HD [1UP]

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