A Pokemon Direct is coming soon, plus a Pokemon Company press conference

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The latter is on May 28 at 6PM PT, the former is on June 5 at 6AM PT

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There’s a bit of exciting news this Memorial Day morning (in the US at least): the Pokémon Company has announced two streams/press conference events.

The first is going to be Pokémon Company-specific (so it could deal with anything franchise-wise worldwide, including toys and merchandise) and will be hosted out of Japan. That will start on Tuesday, May 28, at 6PM PT, and will include “a number of topics of interest to Pokémon fans.” You can watch it here at Pokémon.com.

[Update: The Pokémon Company press conference brought us several announcements including Detective Pikachu for Switch, the Bank-esque Pokémon Home service, a mobile game called Pokémon Masters, and Pokémon Sleep, a sleep-tracking app used with the new Pokémon Go Plus + device.]

Then there’s the big one: a second “Pokémon Direct” coming on June 5 at 6AM PT. That will specifically deal with “more news on the upcoming Pokémon Sword & Shield games,” so you know it’s the good stuff. As a reminder, that’s a little less than a week before E3, so maybe they’re making more space for the E3 Nintendo Direct proper on June 11 at 9AM PT.

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