A nice mix of Vita screens to tease you

Why is it when you want something really bad but can’t have it that it all of the sudden looks so much more attractive to you? The PlayStation Vita is that way for me now. I’m close to raging now, overcome with portable gaming technolust for the damned thing. Everything I read, hear or even think of makes me want a Vita more. It’s to the point now where I’ll get it and hate it! You killed it for me, Sony.

Nah, you didn’t. I’m ready.

Enough about me. There’s a new batch of Vita screenshots out of Sony Japan to put you in the same bad place I am. In our gallery you’ll see a bit of the new Dynasty Warriors game, Persona 4 The Golden, AR game Combat Digi Q, and a bit more of Gravity. All things that I want. 

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