A new Super Dragon Ball Heroes game is coming to PC and Switch this April

It’s a mouthful

There’s a new Dragon Ball Z game in the works, and it’s based on the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime.

Bandai Namco has just announced Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission as part of its Dragon Ball Games Super Showcase. This new game will release on PC and Switch on April 5, 2019 — just under three months’ time. World Mission is described as a “tactical role-playing card game,” with over 1,000 cards and 350 characters from the greater Dragon Ball universe. A price has not yet been revealed.

Bandai Namco describes the plot by saying “Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission takes place in Hero Town, an alternate reality where a Dragon Ball card game is the most popular form of entertainment that’s played both at amateur and professional levels. Players take the role as Beat, the protagonist of Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, and follow his journey to become the world champion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. However, when the antagonists from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start wreaking havoc, Beat jumps into the game world and teams up with famous Dragon Ball characters to restore peace in the real world.”

Because this is a collectible card game, there’s a multiplayer component. Marketing materials emphasize that players can “take the battle online,” but also says there’s local ad hoc gameplay between two Switch devices. It’s currently unknown whether either or both platforms support online play.

As for first looks at Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission, there are plenty of screenshots in the gallery below. [Update: Now we have a trailer too. That’s embedded at the top of the post.]

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