A new Soulcalibur is in the works

As people all over America are waking up or playing with their tangible spirit of consumer goods already, Christmas comes with a special bonus for fans of Soulcalibur today. Daishi Odashima, current lead designer of the Soulcalibur series, announced on Twitter that “SC is back!”

No word on anything like a release date, platforms, or how much we’re going to pay for the DLC. But from the looks of the picture Odashima added, it does look like a giant sword will once again play a big role. And look how good that shirt goes with those pants! Also notice the big replica sword behind the chair and the Hori EX2 stick on the floor. I wonder how they’d react if Mad Catz sent them a Chun Li TE stick?

Looking and Waiting for Something Special? [8wayrun – Thanks everyone who sent this in!]

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