A new Pokken Tournament character is being teased, and will be announced next week

Who’s that Pokemon?!

Nintendo and Bandai Namco have teased that they will be announcing a new playable character for Pokkén Tournament on January 15.

Apparently, the Pokémon will have the character ラ (“ra”) in its Japanese name, so I scoured through a list and found that there are 115 Pokémon it could be. Yeah, super helpful tease there, Nintendo. Thank you so much.

To help cut things down a bit, here’s a list of all the Pokémon with ラ in their Japanese name. Feel free to sing it all, PokeRap style:

Metapod, Rattata, Raticate, Raichu, both Nidoran, Vileplume, Paras, Parasect, Kadabra, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Slowbro, Krabby, Kingler, Cubone, Marowak, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Chansey, Tangela, Kangaskhan, Seadra, Scyther, Jynx, Gyarados, Lapras, Aerodactyl, Cyndaquil, Quilava, Lanturn, Umbreon, Murkrow, Gligar, Granbull, Heracross, Sneasel, Kingdra, Hitmontop, Raikou, Larvitar, Pupitar, Tyranitar, Swampert, Mightyena, Silcoon, Ralts, Sableye, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Electrike, Manectric, Plusle, Trapinch, Vibrava, Flygon, Lileep, Snorunt, Spheal, Sealeo, Gorebyss, Relicanth, Luvdisc, Latias, Latios, Groudon, Jirachi, Luxray, Rampardos, Shellos, Drifblim, Honchkrow, Bronzor, Chatot, Drapion, Lumineon, Weavile, Gliscor, Heatran, Giratina, Darkrai, Stoutland, Zebstrika, Timburr, Scolipede, Basculin, Maractus, Carracosta, Minccino, Cinccino, Solosis, Duosion, Reuniclus, Vanilluxe, Galvantula, Tynamo, Lampent, Chandlure, Heatmore, Hydreigon, Larvesta, Terrakion, Reshiram, Landorus, Frogadier, Spewpa, Flabebe, Floette, Florges, Malamar, Dragalge, Tyrunt, Tyrantrum, and Goomy.

Sweet jesus, that’s a lot of Pokémon.

A lot of them are either already in the game, or just wouldn’t be a good fit, but there are plenty fan favourites too: Scyther, Kangaskan, Tyranitar, Groudon, all of the Hitmon-family, Swampert, Groudon, and Terrakion in particular all seem like they’d be right at home in Pokkén to me.

More importantly though, Vanilluxe is on that list. If we don’t get to play as a Pokémon shaped like a goddamn Mr. Whippy, I’m sure there will be global civil unrest.

We’ll find out for sure who it is come January 15.

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