A new look at Ron Gilbert’s next point-and-click adventure

What’s new is old

Enough people said they wanted it, so the creators of Maniac Mansion are making a new adventure game in the same vein as those old classics. Back in late 2014, Ron Gilbert and Garry Winnick’s Thimbleweed Park was successfully Kickstarted for $626,250; the original asking amount was $375,000.

Since then, the duo has seemingly been making steady progress on the game. A press release we received today states that Thimbleweed Park is on track for a late 2016 launch. Accompanying that is a new trailer which gives a nice overview of some of the strange going-ons in the sparsely populated titular town.

Thimbleweed Park is set to release on PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One, and mobile platforms. We’ll keep an eye on it because if anyone knows how to make a point-and-click adventure, it’s these dudes.

Brett Makedonski
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