A new Icewind Dale may be a thing at some point

Some time ago we learned that Baldur’s Gate 3 may be a thing that is happening at some point as long as you pay for it ahead of time. Now, because of the promise of riches only Scrooge McDuck could fathom, it seems as if every other franchise anyone has ever made is seemingly on the table, so long as the Kickstarter Gods will have it.

When developer Beamdog was asked about a potential new Icewind Dale game, company head Trent Oster had this to say –“The topic of Icewind Dale has come up a number of times. We are interested, but first we need [Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition] to succeed.” That seems pretty simple folks. If you want Icewind Dale III, you need to buy the upcoming Baldur’s Gate update.

Maybe I’m alone in thinking this, but some franchises are better off left to stay in the pantheon of classics. There are plenty of developers out there creating new and exciting franchises, and I don’t need every single PC game I’ve ever played to be remade or sequelized. What’s next? A KKnD Kickstarter? A G-Nome remake? I for one hope that Kickstarter doesn’t become over-saturated.

Beamdog “Interested” In Casting Icewind Dale Remake [RPS]

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