A new Earthworm Jim game? Yes please!

The Earthworm Jim series accomplished something that very few platformers have ever dreamed of doing: combining humor with great gameplay for an all-around fun experience. So when David Perry (founder of Shiny Entertainment) vaguely mentioned a new Earthworm Jim game, you better believe that us fans became giddy as a pack of rabid schoolgirls.

We reformed the (Earthworm Jim) team and they were all into it,” said Perry. “Trust me, all the original Earthworm Jim guys are still very interested in the whole idea; just know that it’ll happen eventually.

Seeing as how the original team is working on this game, the chance of suckage is relatively low. But depending on whether or not it ends up being a 2D or full 3D title, that could change.

So, which systems would you want Jim to appear on?

[Via Digital Battle]

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