A new Dreamcast game, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles

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The newest and quite possibly the last Dreamcast game Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is slated for release in late August or early September this year. According to the game’s official website, W&W is a puzzle game with a “balance of strategy and action” that will satisfy the hardcore and casual enthusiast alike.

The packaging for the title has recently been finished, and will include a manual in both Japanese and English. The basic premise of the title is to match up similar colored blocks in the largest increments as possible. Players will rove around on a world map completing various levels and fulfilling story parameters along the way. It’s like Puzzle Quest, minus riding worms and fighting castles. There are also several different mini-games to experience along the way to break up the monotony of puzzle missions.

Below, we provided a bunch of screenshots from the developer Yuan Works that are available on their page. If you’re intrigued and still have a Dreamcast lying around, you can even download a demo before you buy. Seeing all this really reminds me of how much I miss playing my Dreamcast. What do you guys think?

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