A new dance game that is not Just Dance

With all the titles coming out this holiday, one game in particular rises above the crowd. Country Dance 2 (the slightly less rad, country only, answer to the Just Dance series) will let players sing and dance to top country hits. Up to four people will now be able to boogy, thanks to the multi-player.

Despite having lived in Oklahoma for about ten years, I haven’t heard of most of the artists that will be featured in this game. Granted I don’t pay much attention to music in general, but that is beside the point. The two I do know are Carrie Underwood and Gwyneth Paltrow, who I like as an actress, so maybe she is a good singer too. I have no idea. Other artists include Rodney Atkins, Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town (not to be confused with Little Big Planet).

Victoria Medina