A new affordable Mega Man 11 figure is on the way from Totaku

Coming in May

There’s no shortage of Mega Man figures in the wild, but there is a distinct lack of more affordable ones. Totaku is aiming to rectify that with their newest toy: a Mega Man 11-themed joint that’s due in May.

For reference, Totaku figures are generally more affordable than a lot of other collectibles, running in the $20-$30 range. The company has covered pretty much everything from Hitman to Dark Souls to Horizon Zero Dawn, including more figure-populated IPs like Street Fighter.

Naturally it’s not going to be as detailed as the competition, but I dig it. If you want you can click the below Instagram post for a full video view of the toy and the box, but warning: you’re going to get a loud blast of uplifting EDM.

Totaku [Twitter] Thanks Jeff!

Chris Carter
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