A Japanese store sells out of Halo 3?

Kotaku’s man in Japan (a good guy, that Bashcraft) reports that at least one store has sold out of Halo 3. Sure, it’s only one store, but were we really expecting that? Is a fluke? A prank on an unsuspecting blogger? Who knows.

One company (we will not say who) joked with us that Japan would only need one case of Halo 3 discs, and that there should be some leftovers, but it looks like this person was wrong. Ashcraft thought that he would be able to pop into any store to grab a copy, but in this case he only found “sold out” cards on empty boxes. Of course, he was able to walk into another store to find “copies coming out the whazoo.”

Even then, Microsoft could claim victory in at least one Japanese store. I guess some congratulations are in order. Too early?

Dale North