A Hat in Time’s DLC will feature a 240p mode

Era-appropriate graphics

The upcoming Seal the Deal DLC for indie platformer A Hat in Time will be packing a nifty feature for the inner child in us all. Looking to further replicate late ’90s platformers, Seal the Deal has a “nostalgia badge” that enables a 240p mode for the game. Those that cut their teeth on N64 and PlayStation games will remember how low poly, pixelated and jagged 3D platformers were and this new mode is completely era-appropriate.

In some odd way, I kind of prefer the blocky character models. It takes me back to my childhood, but it also just looks plain cute. For further authenticity, the mode will be using the exact pixel blur technique that was often implemented on the N64. You can’t beat that attention to low detail.

A Hat in Time [Twitter]

Peter Glagowski
Former Dtoid staff member.