A guide to finding all of Inside’s hidden secrets and Achievements

For your reference when you’re ready

Don’t watch these videos before you play Inside. Okay? It’s too good of a game to be constantly checking a guide and wondering when the next collectible will show up. That’s a quick way to ruin the mood.

But, after you’ve finished it, chances are there’s a good number of secrets that you missed. And, all of those secrets are tied to an Achievement. I’ve made videos detailing where each and every one is hiding. Those are all embedded below, but I’ve also made a handy YouTube playlist if you’d rather use that.

Don’t be concerned that cleaning up the collectibles will require a second playthrough or something, either. Inside has many checkpoints, and each of them can be booted up from the Load screen. Almost all of my videos show where to load from, save for two of them; in those two instances (Pack Mentality and Room for Reflection), I’d have to spoil too much of the main path puzzles, so I captured gameplay after getting some important stuff out of the way. Don’t worry, they’re recognizable spots and you won’t have any trouble knowing how to get there.

One last note: You probably really shouldn’t watch the video for The Last One Achievement until you have the other 13. It isn’t so much a spoiler or anything like that, but it’s the cumulative action that comes after getting all the other Achievements.

Okay, last note for real this time: There’s also a secret/alternate ending that I was just made aware of. YouTuber ZZZZZZach has been commenting on my videos trying to figure out how to trigger it. He eventually did and I made a video of it. All credit goes to him for getting it. That’s another that you probably shouldn’t watch until you’ve finished the game. Show some restraint. Come back when you’re ready.

Here are the 15 videos that make up my Inside collectibles and secrets guide:

Murky Waters Achievement:

Field Research Achievement:

Wee Wee Wee Achievement:

Left Behind Achievement:

Obscure Foundations Achievement:

Friends in Low Places Achievement:

A Tableau Achievement:

Pack Mentality Achievement:

Respite Achievement:

Unfathomable Achievement:

Clock Work Achievement:

Room for Reflection Achievement:

Office Space Achievement:

The Last One Achievement:

Alternate/Secret Ending:

Seriously, don’t watch this until you’ve finished the game. You’ve been warned.

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