A Gravity Falls chiptune remix!? Ffffffuuuuuuu…!!!

Did everyone catch the Paul Robertson episode of Gravity Falls the other week? Because it was super hot and made me feel all gooey inside and GOD, Robbie is such an insensitive prick! Seriously, right?

Anyway, my buddy Dj CUTMAN is also a big fan of Gravity Falls — who isn’t? — and decided to pump out a chiptune remix of the opening theme, “Made Me Realize” by Brad Breeck. His “Tourist Trap Remix” will make you barf rainbows and spontaneously grow a single strand of chest hair.

If you like his beat, visit the SoundCloud link below and download it for free, son!

Gravity Falls – Dj CUTMAN’s Tourist Trap Remix [SoundCloud]

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