A game that fights for actual social justice

The Real Baku Games

The 1st European Games are currently being held in Baku, Azerbaijan. They’re sort of like the Olympics on a smaller scale, but not that much smaller. For Azerbaijan, a country that’s big on wealth, but is not necessarily a big name on the world stage, the opportunity to host the games could mean everything to their future presence on global scale. They probably don’t want to be known as The Godfather of Europe” anymore. 

Human Rights organization FIDH is working to use the country’s current place in the spotlight to gather support the “journalists, activists, lawyers, and others [who] are being arbitrarily detained by the Azerbaijan government for being critical”. FIDH enlisted the help of Pippin Barr, creator of Let’s Play: The Shining, to help spread awareness of the situation with a free flash game called Real Baku 2015

Issues like this make a lot of the things we gamers often argue over look petty in comparison. It would be great to see some high profile names in the game community take on this issue. Pewdiepie is from Europe, isn’t he? 

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