A free LBP Norse pack from your favoritist weekend editor

Dear Destructoid Community,

I want to thank you for being awesome so I’m going to give you free LittleBigPlanet stuff. It’s a Norse Mythology pack and it comes with viking costumes and “create” items galore. They’re all themed around the crushing of your enemies, seeing them driven before you, and hearing the lamentation of their women… or something like that. Everyone does something different with their LBP levels. To get this gift from me to you all you need to do is own a PS3 and LBP and go here to receive your voucher.

Under no circumstances should you believe the blatant lie that this free giveaway is put on by Sony to help push Sony Wonder, which is their children’s website. What do adorable viking sackboys and children have to do with each other anyway? That lie makes no sense. Clearly this is a gift from me to you. If you’d like to return the favor I accept cash donations, videogames and nubile virgins (female only, please).


Matthew “Cowzilla3” Razak

(Update: It seems the code isn’t working for some. If that is the case then this is actually a gift from Sony. Once they start working however, it’s a gift from me again.)

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