A few people have actually ‘beaten’ Devil Daggers

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And they ‘only’ needed to survive 500 seconds

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In Devil Daggers, the one and only objective is to survive as long as possible. As far as we know, there is no end to the game. Only the time between deaths. That isn’t to say the infectious shooter is entirely without milestones, though. It has a single achievement: challenging players to endure its ceaseless assault for a mere 500 seconds.

That may not sound like a lot of time, but it is. Death can come at any moment. Of the tens of thousands of people playing Devil Daggers, only three individuals, as of this writing, can claim they have surpassed that benchmark.

The current world record holder goes by DraQu, and has posted a time of 585.3344 seconds (almost ten minutes). In contrast, after spending a little time with the game today, I’m still struggling to withstand Devil Daggers for longer than 60 seconds. I keep coming back for more, though, and I’m achieving new personal bests all the time, but I can’t imagine how much more training and perseverance would be required to even approach these gods amongst men.

You can marvel at DraQu’s extraordinary world-best run below:

Devil Daggers [Steam, DraQu via Kotaku]

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