A few Defenders go old school in this new set of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 costumes

Jessica Jones still isn’t playable

In a bid to help promote the upcoming “Shadow of Doom” Fantastic Four/Doctor Doom-flavored paid DLC next week, the Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 team is sharing a new set of skins for the game.

As is customary the skins will be free, with Daredevil sporting his iconic “Man Without Fear” digs, Iron Fist rocking a “Modern” look, Luke Cage is classic “Power Man,” Elektra can don her “Ultimate” look and Deadpool will have his “Battle of the Atom” costume as an option. All of these costumes hit Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on March 5.

Although I fear that the new Shadow of Doom expansion will be more of the same (a character dump without any actual narrative or worthwhile content), I’m hopeful that somehow, someway we’re getting more story content. Maybe not. In the meantime, we have costumes and characters!

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