A fancy box for your Xbox

XB Elegant Edition is a case for your Xbox 360 that actually makes it look like a box. A high-end A/V component, if you will. That weird letter I/pillar/pillow-looking thing not cutting it for you? Maybe this Sweedish-designed box will help things out.

Inside the futurist box is three 120mm fans to keep your system from red ringing, and they say that the larger open area keeps airflow constant and helps limit some of the noise. You’ll have to do a bit of modding if you want this look, though:

They say: “Use the case your own risk, the Xbox360 warranty is voided once you break the seals to open up the case. The case’s warranty will only cover the chassis itself, and will not include the Xbox 360 or any of its associated components.”

No price is given on this box from Industrie Pro yet. I think it manages to look both sleek and boring at the same time.

Dale North