A Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth screen (and friends)

Forgive the less-than-classy use of space up there. I didn’t want to stretch the above screenshot to fit Destructoid’s header size requirements, and other than decorating the borders with as many pictures of my own face as I possibly could (which I was too lazy to do), Japanese girls with big boobs is all I could come up with. Of course, that made me feel like a jerk for leaving out the other 50% of the population, so I threw an alternate version of the image in our gallery.

Anyway, Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth comes out in Japan in less that a week, and all we get is this one lousy screenshot. All the mystery surrounding the game will be squashed soon enough, but right now, all we know for sure is that the game is coming to WiiWare, that Iga was at least partially involved, and that its based of the first Castlevania game for the original Gameboy.

I was just playing the original Castlevania Chronicles on PSN the other day, and it stuck me that Castlevania The Adventure Rebirth may end up being another Castlevania Chronicles game in a Rebirth disguise. So far, Iga has used the Chronicles series to refine and re-present Castlevania games that sees as deserving of more attention. I could see how the original Castlevania The Adventure could fit into that category. It’s a fine game in theory, but the shabby controls and 4-bit graphics really hold it back. 

As long as the controls are tight, I know this game will be worth my $8-$10, but what about you? Are you sold on this method of bringing sprite based Castlevania back to home consoles? 

[Via Konami.jp]


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