A cast of thousands: Guybrush Threepwood

[Editor’s note: KamikazeTutor takes a look at Guybrush Threepwood from The Secret of Monkey Island for his Monthly Musing piece. — CTZ]

I wasn’t that much of a PC gamer when The Secret of Monkey Island was released, but I felt the vibe like any other when I finally laid my hands on that amazing treasure of the adventure games genre. Its hero would stay in my memory forever, from what it meant to me to what an incredibly fleshed out and likable character he was.

He was called Guybrush Threepwood, a name that only a caring mother would love, and his goal in life was to be a pirate. 

Not many kids grow up holding on to that fantasy job they often play as or imagine themselves in, like being an astronaut or a circus trapazeist. But Guybrush was as living example that if you work hard enough, you can achieve your most improbable goals.

In turn it reflects perfectly with my dream of becoming a game developer, it’s going nowhere right now but I won’t give up on it.

Of a blank past that no one questions about, Threepwood arrives as a castaway on the shores of Mêlée Island with only the idea of being a mighty pirate. Just like real life, he had to prove himself able of the title by accomplishing three trials given from three important-looking pirates.

From that moment, his adventures taught him multiple lessons. From the culinary art of grog brewing, to the voodoo art of fighting the undead. Any challenge he encountered would be faced with resourcefulness and wit. And whilst on his path for ascension, he met what it would be the love of his life, the Governor of the Tri-Island Area, Elaine Marley.

She enters Guybrush’s life like any other girl, impossible to win over yet impossible to ignore and leave it be. With some effort, he finally wins her hearth with the help of his unique personality and, well, quite helpless figure at sometimes, which in turn makes Elaine feel in control and important in his life.

While she’s perfectly able to take care of herself – and normally if she isn’t, it might have something to do with Guybrush messing about -, he does care a lot for her and always proves he’s willing to do anything to help his loved one.

Representing life’s challenges, there’s LeChuck, the ghost/zombie/demon pirate that haunts the Caribbean waters and made from his obsession for Elaine his doom. He asked what he needed to do to win her hand, she replied, “drop dead” and so he did.

He’s the prime example of following a passion the wrong way, forcing an easy way.

In the great scope of things, the life of Guybrush Threepwood is an inspiration of perseverance and accomplishment, no matter how long it takes, and always with a joke on one hand and the love for his girl on the other.

So when something goes wrong, the best thing to do is to sing.

I also wish I could sustain one breath ten whole minutes underwater.

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