A bunch of YouTubers pay tribute to the Wii U

50 video makers take part in the Wii U Challenge

Throughout today and tomorrow, you are going to see a lot of videos like this one pop up on YouTube. Through the LA-based Brand About Town, notable content makers like Jimmy Wong, Andre “Black Nerd” Meadows, Mega64, Warialasky, Underbelly, and more will upload short vids as part of Nintendo’s Wii U Challenge, for which each participant was sent a Wii U Deluxe Set and allowed to incorporate the hardware and early software however they see fit.

There was a similar video campaign last December, when 32 people collaborated on eight different videos in honor of the 3DS. This time around, the count has been beefed up to 50 people with 50 individual videos. Beefy!

In addition to Jimmy Wong’s “The WiiU Song” above, I’ve linked to 15 more vids below. The rest have yet to go live as of this posting, but I’ll keep you guys updated.

“Wii U-ltimate Mix (Batman,Mario,Zombi U)” – Broken Pixels

“Nintendo Through The Ages” – Shawn Chatfield of Mega64

“WII U : FULL OF AWESOME” – CinnamonToastKen

“The Completionist Nintendo Wii U Challenge Video” – The Completionist

“ZombiU WARNING!” – Ross Everett

“Leo the Doberman plays Nintendo Wii U” – Clint Hackleman

“The Blair Wii U Project” – Frank Howley

“Nintendo Vs. Zombies: 28 Bits Later” – Mike N Gary

“GAME FORCE – WiiU (Super Mario Bros. U)” – Ethan Newberry feat. Toby Turner & Sean Klitzner

“Wii U ‘jerk’ intervention” – Nintendo Fangirl


“Super Survivor: A Wii U Film” – TJ Smith

“New Super Mario Bros. to the RescU!” – Synthetic PictureHaus

“Zombies Ate My Wii U” – Underbelly

“By The Wayside: ZombiUpocalypse” – Wayside Creations

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