A buggering f*ckload of LittleBigPlanet content is imminent

Media Molecule has enough LittleBigPlanet DLC to keep it going for weeks, and the studio is not afraid to use it. All manner of sackboy costumes are being prepared for launch between January 26 and February 19, so fans of playing dress-up with soulless smilebags are in for a treat.

So far, this has only been confirmed for Europe, but there’s no way in Hell this stuff is being kept sausage-side of the ocean. The very fact that one of the costumes is Groundhog Day-themed should emphasize this, since that’s yet another one of those made-up American holidays that was blatantly invented just so Bill Murray could have be in a film. Anyway, here’s what Media Molecule has to offer:

  • January 26th — Chinese New Year costumes (free, available for 10 days only)
  • January 29th — Groundhog Day costume (available one week only), God of War mini pack, Kratos costume
  • February 5th — Valentines Day mini pack (available for 2 weeks only)
  • February 12th — Ape Escape costume, Toro costume
  • February 19th — Wipeout costume kit
  • Well isn’t that a fun-stuffed treat for all the boys and girls? Has any of this caught your eye? I’m pretty sure our very own Topher at least raised an eyebrow at the thought of a Toro costume.

    Jim Sterling