A Boy and his Blob and their boss battle and this blog

We’re out of adjectives to positively describe ABAHB. WayForward is not making our jobs easy. Every time we get a new bit of information, an exclusive, some screens or a new video on A Boy and His Blob we have to come up with new ways to basically say “this made us drool.” Once again they have done it to us by delivering a video of one of the game’s bosses. If you weren’t sure of the game’s gameplay before, this intriguing boss might seal the deal or at least reaffirm that this is one of the best looking platformers we’ve ever seen.

If you’re watching this thinking you can’t make it until the game’s launch because you need blob action now, please just hold on a little longer. The game lands this week on Oct. 13! Now to forget the video so that the boss is a big surprise when I get to it.

Matthew Razak