A book about Spelunky is in the works from game creator Derek Yu

Published by Boss Fight Books

I have lost count of how many hours I’ve sunk into Spelunky, both the original free PC game and the multiplatform remake. And just when I think I’m starting to master the tough-as-nails procedurally generated platformer, I see crazy videos of people beating Hell with the ball and chain strapped to their leg, killing the final boss with an eggplant, and using the teleporter like a pro to beat the game in record time. Spelunky is just so many layers of awesome, and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface.

This is why it pleases me to learn that Derek Yu, the creator of Spelunky, has been busy writing a book about his experiences making the game. It’s being published by Boss Fight Books, the publisher of many other game-related titles including EarthBound, Chrono Trigger, Galaga, and more. Spelunky will be the publisher’s first autobiographical game development history.

According to the publisher: “Spelunky is a game design manifesto in which Derek Yu uses his own game to discuss wide-ranging topics such as randomization, creative process, team dynamics, the philosophy of challenging games, and player feedback. Grab some ropes, a mattock, and your favorite pug—this book is going to dig deep.”

We can expect to see the book sometime this summer. Pre-orders are currently available over at Boss Fight Books.

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