A big fat load of Kane & Lynch gameplay

With the staggering amount of new and exciting games on the horizon, it’s easy for some to get lost in the frenzy. Kane & Lynch: Dead Men is one such title that I personally keep forgetting about, but then perking up in excitement every time I’m reminded. I really must write all these games down in a notebook.

Eidos Interactive’s squad-based shooter promises to be a dark and gritty thriller of a ride, and I’m already sold. Our very own Nex got himself a hands-on with this title at PAX and found a solid title whose reliance on teamwork set it apart from the other third person shooters out there. The ally AI looks somewhat competent and your partners definitely appear to hold their own, so this should be one of the few games that make you feel like a cohesive unit. Throw in the co-op prospects with another human player and this is set to be a winner.

After the jump, there are three more vidoes for you. The nightclub missions looks especially awesome, both in terms of how you move through the crowded area and how the visuals look terrific. I also like how Kane and his pals wear different clothes with each mission. It’s a tiny detail, but I always approve of the simple things. Somebody fetch me that notepad.

[Videos collected by good ol’ GoldenDonut]



James Stephanie Sterling