A banquet of Final Fantasy soundtracks are now available on Spotify and Apple Music

Turn your commute into a whimsical adventure

Christmas has come early for Final Fantasy music fans, as a whopping catalogue of original soundtracks, covering the length and breadth of Square Enix’s legendary RPG franchise, have been uploaded to services Spotify and Apple Music, ready to sink into at your pleasure and leisure.

The collection includes the OSTs for every mainline FF title, along with several spin-off releases, such as FFVII: Crisis Core – even the soundtrack for 2001 movie The Spirits Within is in the mix! As the services are already inundated with fan playlists, you’ll have to be a little specific, and search for “Final Fantasy Original Soundtrack.” You’ll then find a wealth of soothing, exciting and heartbreaking tunes waiting within the “Albums” tab.

Hours upon hours of classic gaming scores await, more than enough to soundtrack your commute to work, intense morning at the gym, or when you’re just crashed out on the sofa with a mug of the hot stuff. The Final Fantasy franchise is renown for having some of the greatest music in the history of video games, and now it’s all at your fingertips. Enjoy.

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