81-year-old Japanese woman learns to code, makes game

Old people: They’re just like us!

In 20 years, those who knows how to code will be floating around Earth 2, space-watering their space-lawns, anticipating the new Game of Thrones book, and going on dates while the rest of us are stuck with cattle prods, forced to run on the treadmills that keep Earth 2 afloat. 81-year-old Japanese woman Masako Wakamiya will not be running on a treadmill.

Wakamiya, a former banker, learned to use a computer at age 60. For her next trick, more recently at the age of 81, she learned how to code with the help of, “a ‘young person’ living in Sendai, northeast of Tokyo, who taught her Apple’s Swift programming language via Skype and Facebook Messenger,” according to Mashable. Then, she made an app, Hinadan. Wow! I can’t even remember the last person in my family to live to 81, let alone make an app.

“The reason for making this applications is that many smartphone apps are for young people and [there] are almost no apps that the elderly can enjoy,” she said. “I [would] encourage [old people] to start having fun experiences using computers.” I would as well. Please send all your grandparents over to Destructoid, thanks!


81-year-old woman makes iPhone app after only starting to use computers at 60 [Mashable]

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