600 million hours of Black Ops logged in 45 days

This is the reason why we haven’t cured cancer yet — we’re spending 600 million collective hours playing Call of Duty: Black Ops. Over 20 million players have amassed the ludicrous figure in a mere 45 days following the game’s launch. 

Averaging out the number gives each player roughly 87 minutes of playtime per day from release until December 24. Evil publisher Activision is keen to point out that this far exceeds the average amount of time Facebook users spend networking their socialisms. 

Gamasutra compares Black Ops‘ figures to Halo: Reach, which logged 50 million hours of play in its first week. If those numbers remained consistent for 45 days, Reach would have logged 326 million hours compared to Black Ops‘ 600 million. 

Activision has not released the full number of online players, but has stated that the number of registered users outnumber those who tuned into ABC to watch the Lost season finale. 

In short: This is f*cking insane.

Jim Sterling